[Tag] Shield + Health HUD Setup

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[Tag] Shield + Health HUD Setup

Post by NotZachary82 »

In the past, I had started a project of mine that I had really hoped to finish, but due to the lack of powerful tools, it turned out to be pure hell. This mod featured a very unique HUD edit that most people were interested in, the health meter (pic here).

Now, the project was discontinued, but people were always asking me how to do it. It's the simplest thing in the world, you're going to laugh.

I'm releasing this tag to teach users how health meters work, and how editing meters works (what they measure). The meter itself is a little sloppy, I agree. I made it in 5 minutes. ... But the looks are not important, I'm just showing you how they work so the few who still mod can make their own health meters for their mods ;).

Pic of HUD.

Now don't bug me for it being a little aliased, it doesn't look that bad in-game, I just left the "Terrible HUD" feature on in Yelo :P.

  • Zieon Eslador - beta testing.
Extract to C:\, preferably injected with Entity Beta 1.3 with default plugins.


Also, if anyone wants the original HUD shown in the link at the top, feel free to PM me for it.
Health and Shield HUD setup tag. Use Xzodia's [nhdt] plugin to spot the change.
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Re: [Tag] Shield + Health HUD Setup

Post by nintendo9713 »

Pretty cool stuff. That picture linked looks pretty sweet.
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Re: [Tag] Shield + Health HUD Setup

Post by xlRainlx »

Wow, looks great. If I ever find my xbox cables, I'll be sure to give this a try, lol.
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