Which do you think is better?

General discussion about Halo for the Xbox and PC.
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Which do you think is better?

Post by wisemanofhyrule »

Forge or Halo 1 modding tools ie. Hmt Eschaton Sparkedit.

I think forge is better in the hands of a "nooby" modder (like me) and all they can do is weapon/projectile swap.

But in the hands of an experienced modder, Halo 1 is better.
Thanks Geo

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Re: Which do you think is better?

Post by xbox »

I real game creation tool will always be better.
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Re: Which do you think is better?

Post by Tural »

The question is biased and unclear. You can't quantify "better" and you're already making inaccurate claims.
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Re: Which do you think is better?

Post by jackson117 »

Depends on opinion.

Any great modder or mapper can create a Great halo PC mod or a halo 3 map.
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Re: Which do you think is better?

Post by Cuda »

jackson117 wrote:Depends on opinion.
Of course, when he's asking for an opinionated answer.
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